Wise Guy Baseball 2014

Wise Guy Baseball 2014

WGB 2014 is finished. This guide is for serious fantasy baseball players who are looking for info and viewpoints that they won't see anywhere else. Not that I'm different just for the sake of being different, but because by looking a little deeper and by integrating facts a little better, I think I can give you a better picture of what you'll need to do, and how to do it, in 2014.

Ordering info: the price is $50, which gets you the book plus website access to secret info and relentless bitching. Call 970-493-3793 for Visa/MC, checks/MOs payable to Wise Guy Baseball, 1331 Red Cedar Circle, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Money back as always if not floored or at least mildly taken aback.

If you don't believe me, and why should you, here are some endorsements. Let's start right at the top with Lindy Hinkelman, 2-time overall winner of the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. Lindy has also won the NFBC Online Championship:

    "Gene is an excellent fantasy baseball writer, but he is a better baseball writer. His keen knowledge of the game along with his humorous writing style make his book an enjoyable and easy read. You want breakthroughs in fantasy circles, check out J.D. Drew's bio in the 2001 WGB, where Gene shows what good young hitters can do when they are given full time play. Or his theory on extreme groundball and flyball pitchers. You'll find that out in WGB 2004, under Kevin Brown and Mike Mussina. Gene is at his best when he starts ranting. You will want to read his thoughts on the hit and run play following Omar Vizquel in the 2002 edition. My personal favorite can be found in the 2000 book, when he talks about lineup construction. Look up Jeff Cirillo to find that one and you'll be wondering what today's managers are thinking when making out their lineup card. And who can forget Gene's love letters to Julio Franco in 2005 and Bob Wickman in 2007. He even sings a song to John Lannen, 2008 style. Wise Guy Baseball has a bit of everything. It will get you to think and appreciate baseball more. I've been a subscriber since 1997 and can't wait to get the next chapter to see what Gene has in store for 2010."

"Wise Guy Baseball is the rare fantasy guide that you can read cover to cover and gain insight into the players and the game. Gene McCaffrey deftly straddles that fine line between informing and entertaining -- doing both consistently and seamlessly. And let's not forget the player valuations, hedge-less player projections and the way he maximizes the value of cutting statistics in his analysis. The day my Wise Guy Baseball annual arrives is always a great one. And it stays close by my side, dog-eared, all season." Michael Salfino, Wall Street Journal columnist

"Gene McCaffrey is my favorite fantasy baseball writer. If you give him a shot, you'll like what's here. 

Gene cares deeply about his work but he writes without ego. Gene's book has plenty of subtle humor but he's not obtrusive about it. Gene is always poking around with baseball theory in any number of ways - sometimes the analysis has several layers to it, other times it's something sneaky just under the surface. If you want to become a better fantasy player and a more knowledgeable baseball fan, this annual is for you."  Scott Pianowski, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports,RotoArcade.com

"The first year I bought WGB was 2007.  In 2007, 2008, and 2009, I've earned $58,250 by entering 4 teams total in High Roller... I say that not to brag, but rather to provide a testament to how useful your information is.  I've only played challenge games for a few years, but in the two years before I started using WGB, I had nothing close to the level of success that I've had since.  I recall that, at least in 2007, the Overall winner in High Roller was also a WGB reader and user of the WGB site.Thanks for the work you do.  I also sent a similar note to Tom Zownir thanking him for HITMEN.  I look forward to seeing the 2010 version." Matt Staples, CDM High Roller winner 2009

"The most underrated preseason baseball publication and my personal favorite. Great, original information and humor that isn't lame. Good luck finding that combo elsewhere." Steve Moyer, President, Baseball Info Solutions

"I've attacked the best on the internet. But I'll never attack you. You’re the best."  John Crane, winner NFBC auction league 2008

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